Our governance reflects our competitive cluster

The Executive Board

The Executive Board implements the guidelines and the action plan of the competitive cluster. It also labels projects and trainings.

It is composed of 15 people who represent members of Céréales Vallée, included a Board of 9 people.

  • Coopérative Limagrain - Jean-Yves Foucault (Chairman)
  • Inra - Jean-Baptiste Coulon (Vice-Chairman)
  • Groupe Limagrain - Damien Bourgarel (Executive Chairman)
  • ARIA Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes - Jean-Claude Guillon (Secretary-general)
  • Crédit Agricole Centre France - Jean-Christophe Kiren (Treasurer)
  • Arvalis-institut du végétal - Jacques Mathieu (Member of Board)
  • Groupe Avril - Jean-François Rous (Member of Board)


  • Axéréal - Jean-François Loiseau (Member of Board)
  • Metabolic Explorer - Benjamin Gonzalez (Member of Board)
  • Maceo - André Malet
  • Université Blaise Pascal - Mathias Bernard
  • Groupe Barbier - Serge Vassal
  • VetAgro Sup - Etienne Josien
  • Université d'Auvergne - Alain Eschalier
  • 3iNature - Philippe Laurent
The Extended Executive Board : a specificity of Céréales Vallée

Conseil Exécutif Elargi



Céréales Vallée includes its institutional and public partners in its governance by inviting them several times a year. 


These meetings are a sign of transparency and confidence between Céréales Vallée and its public environment.

The Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee furthers the discussion and follows R&D projects as they progress.

It prepares the elements for the decision of the Executive Board, particularly for the R&D programmes, guidelines and projects labels.

Composed by 21 experts of the various topics of the Cluster, it is chaired by Mr. Jean-Baptiste COULON, Chairman of the Centre Inra Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes.

Céréales Vallée is an indispensable tool to stimulate collaborative innovation between industry, public and private research and academia.